Conference Sessions

Here are some of our sessions in the conference program November 9 – 12. 

Many more sessions to be announced in the coming weeks.  Check back often!

Session Topics

Content Creation Strategy

Snapchat Star &

Content Creator

How do you capture the attention of consumers in a big jungle of content posted daily? Geeohsnap talks about the importance of producing creative and fast content to capture consumers attention. If you have a large following like Geeohsnap in Snapchat it provides many new exciting collaborations. How should one collaborate with creators and Influencers to achieve the best results? What is the true power of good storytelling? Why would you spend your valued time consuming content from a brand, when there are thousands of other brands out there posting exactly the same type of content? Look forward to an truly inspiring, creative and colorful talk with one of the most popular creators inSnapchat.

Storytelling Expert

Learn the strategy of Content Bundling to turn a single topic into multiple pieces of content. You’ll learn how to build your content around key messages and use them across multiple media platforms! To expand the reach of your content further, we’ll talk about repurposing existing content into something new.

Digital Consultant

RaRa Media

Obsessing over followers, sticking to one platform and working all the hours that God sends – sounds like your average influencer. Also sounds like a recipe for boredom and burnout. 
One of the biggest challenges for aspiring creators and influencers is finding balance and setting work-life boundaries whilst understanding the need for brilliant strategising. 

Digital consultant Rebecca Givens from RaRa Media shares some of the key components of an effective content-creation strategy. One that allows you to do less, say no and receive more in return.

Stop, step off the treadmill and ask yourself, how can you level down your input, whilst also leveling up your impact?

Content Creator
ComfyGirlCurls || Creating With Kaya

There are now more social and creative platforms than ever before, and it can often feel impossible to maintain a presence on all of them at once.

So should we even bother trying? Which platforms are worth our time? Can we create content for multiple platforms without burning out?

In this session, we will cover the importance of expanding your online presence, choosing the right platforms for your message, and how you can tell your story more efficiently across different mediums.

Marketing & Audience Growth

The Homegirlz Podcast

Explore and discuss how to effectively build a tribe to follow, engage, and scale to effectively build relationships to sell products and services. Learn to simplify finding your tribe effectively to ensure everyone is reaching the right people they want to with their messages.


SociallyKels Co

Growing and captivating an audience on social media can be difficult with the amount of volume. I’m going to be discussing how you can cut through the noise, build your own authentic social media presence that you can monetize.

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Creator Coach & Monetization Mentor

Luxuriant Social Co

The biggest disconnect with aspiring creators and influencers is thinking that they need an insanely high follower count to make a full-time income in the industry. People get so caught up in the vanity metrics that they fail to create a community which in turn creates a struggle to build reliable income. In this session, you will learn how to create virality through impact that will grow your community and open up the possibility of being full-time in the industry. You will learn viral strategies that position you as a thought leader in the space and learn to understand why this shift in mindset will be what makes or breaks your career!

The Truth Doctor

The Truth Seekers

Dr. Courtney Tracy, known as The Truth Doctor, developed a platform of over 2 million followers in two years doing something she never thought would resonate with people: She admitted she was a mental health professional who had and at times still does struggle with mental illness. In this session, you will learn how to use your story to bring authenticity, vulnerability, authority, and education to your audience.  Dr. Courtney will also provide tips to manage boundaries between your “real life” and your online life.

Personal Development


O’ Children’s Club

Why did you decide to be a creator?  What gets you up in the morning and drives you forward?  There are many reasons we make the choices we have.  Take an introspective look as to what motivates you to create.  Learn how to focus your energy on what matters and maximize your potential.  

This session will be a dialogue to discuss your identity and purpose as a business.  

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

The Shani Project

I was on youtube for 7 years and never surpassed 5,000 subscribers. Although I felt defeated and wanted to quit I used my therapy skills (I am a therapist) and tenacity to shift focus. That is where I turned to Tiktok as my platform. Within a year I reached 100K and was able to get brand deals with companies like popsugar, soulpancake, and Beats by Dre. Within 2 years I was working with companies like Mercedes benz and GM and guess what even landed my book deal. What I wanted to teach people is to defeat the defeat. When you feel defeated use this as a moment to take a look at what you are doing to shift.


Legal & Ethical Issues


Creedon PLLC

Join this discussion of the legal dos and don’t s of social media. Build your business and brand with a strong legal foundation as well as protecting your content through copyright and trademark registrations. 

Skills Development

Casting Director and Performance Expert

ConciergeQ Media

Ready to take the next step and appear on TV and film? Do you want to expand your YourTube hosting or TikTok acting skills? Lynn Mason-Pattnosh works with professional and aspiring performers and influencers of all levels and will get you ready for your close-up.

Photographer / Educator

Ashleigh Taylor Portrait

It’s no secret that influencers and creators need powerful, unique and scroll stopping images to share on social media. These images become more than pieces of content, but become part of your branding and marketing. But what to do if you’re not a professional photographer and feeling overwhelmed. In this session, you’ll get the insider tricks from a professional photographer who specializes in personal brand imagery. You’ll learn how to define your brand story and message in imagery and then how to go out and create those images for yourself. We’ll cover everything from planning and preparation to composition and styling to the tech. This talk is for you if you know it’s time to up level the images you use to brand and market yourself.

Business Vlog Expert

Founder of The Vlog Academy

Uk Chair of G100 Media, Arts & Communication

Part 1) Getting Started

• The power of video • Different types of vlogs and videos you can create • Camera Confidence

• Connecting with your audience

Part 2) Get ready to roll

• Cameras, tripods, microphones • Lights and Sound • Composition • Your personal power tools

Part 3) Optimising your videos

• Social Media Video types and formats • Integrating your brand • Editing on your smartphone


Now Hear This, Inc.

Attend this session to hear from someone who has been podcasting every week since February 2014 and has not only interviewed notable names in sports and entertainment, but, gotten listeners from 155- plus countries around the world with a show that’s in the top two percent most popular out of more than 2.8 million podcasts globally. You’ll learn about how the wildly popular medium of podcasting can help raise your profile, attract new opportunities, make powerful connections with people who otherwise wouldn’t answer your phone call or email, gain a new revenue stream, and, what it takes – physically and mentally – for you to break into this form of media that’s no longer ‘new.’ You’ll even learn what it takes to get your first episode out into international distribution.

Financial Planning

Founder & CEO

Keynote Presentation

We know web3 is the future, but we’re not all sure exactly how we’re going to be leverage it yet as aspiring Creators. This session will provide tangible takeaways and use cases for Creators to help leverage NFTs and tokens in order to help them grow fandom, engagement, and of course increase revenue. Attendee Takeaways

CEO & Founder


This will be a session focused around best practices for working with brands. How to pitch a brand, how to overdeliver on expectations and how to rebook long-term partnerships.



As you grow your business as a creator, you will undoubtedly work with a variety of businesses and brands. While each will have different needs and demands of your time, resources and talents, most want the same basic things from their influence partners. Industry thought leader and long-time brand strategist Jason Falls will walk you through how to find and build great relationships with brand partners so you can both create and earn more, while having to sell less.


Eating with Erica

Erica will be sharing her knowledge about influencer marketing from posting content to receiving your first brand collaboration. Erica will be discussing how to price yourself, the benefits of networking, contract negation, and the art of turning your content into cash.

Chief Executive Officer


What are the best power tactics in a negotiation? At its core, influencer marketing involves a brand collaboration with a social media influencer to market a product or service. Of course, this transaction consists of an exchange of currency, which should mirror the impact of your work and the following of your network. Brands aren’t always going to reach out and offer you piles of money for your influence.

More often than not, you will need to create a dialogue with brands yourself. In this panel Kristina McInnis will share some of the most important and valuable insights how to approach brands and negotiate the best possible deals. Know Your Worth!