Networking at a Virtual Event

You may ask yourself, how does someone network at a virtual event.  Our system allows for a number of ways to connect with people you may want to collaborate with in the future.  

Smart Matchmaking

When you enter the system as an attendee, you’ll be asked to complete your profile.  Some of the questions that will be asked are: 

  • What types of content do you produce?
  • How many followers on your main platform?
  • I am looking for or offering…

The system will then make recommendations to you of other creators you should connect with in the event based on your answers.  You can reach out to those people to connect and discuss your challenges and opportunities to work together.  

One-On-One Meetings

Connect with another creator by chatting or DM’ing them and ask to have a private one-on-one chat; just like you would have at a live event.  

Direct Messages

Find other creators by searching through the list of attendees.  You can post or hide your information and make yourself searchable, or just stay anonymous throughout the event.  You can comment in sessions and find other attendees who are participating in the education then start your own direct messaging; just like whispering to your neighbor in the audience.