Kelsie Exley


SociallyKels Co

Cutting Through The Noise

Growing and captivating an audience on social media can be difficult with the amount of volume. I’m going to be discussing how you can cut through the noise, build your own authentic social media presence that you can monetize.


How to grow your social media in a way that is authentic to you, that can also be monetized.


Hey, I’m Kelsie Exley. I’m 23 years old and I started my social media journey back in 2020. I started as a social media manager helping dozens of small businesses strengthen their social media presences through my organic strategies. I was also able to grow my own social channels to over 360,000. I now own and operate my own social media management and content creation agency. Through this journey I have learned how authenticity mixed with strategy can help anyone to build a social media precedes that can be monetized.