Shani Tran

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

The Shani Project

Defeat the Defeat

I was on youtube for 7 years and never surpassed 5,000 subscribers. Although I felt defeated and wanted to quit I used my therapy skills (I am a therapist) and tenacity to shift focus. That is where I turned to Tiktok as my platform. Within a year I reached 100K and was able to get brand deals with companies like popsugar, soulpancake, and Beats by Dre. Within 2 years I was working with companies like Mercedes benz and GM and guess what even landed my book deal. What I wanted to teach people is to defeat the defeat. When you feel defeated use this as a moment to take a look at what you are doing to shift.

I was doing a lot of output to YouTube with little input to me as a creator. I defeated feeling defeated by using my skills and shifting. I stopped caring about numbers because that felt defeating and started caring about content and my message. I kept recreating my website, my content, until I landed on what felt right and authentic. Because of this I now have over 478K on tiktok and will be a published author. Because I defeated the defeat. In my session I will incorporate mental health skills because I am a therapist and it’s my work. When it comes to content creation your mental health is important. It is why I could not longer do youtube. I was stressed, and overwhelmed.


1-Be aware of how content creation is impacting your mental health

2- Define why you feel defeated

3 -Identify ways to cope with your defeat

4-Find where the shift is needed

5- Put into Action.


Shani Tran has been featured in Teen Vogue, PopSugar, USA Today, And New York Times for her work in the mental health field. She strives to create a safe place for people to own their mental health journey. Her work can mainly be found on TikTok where you’ll find her dancing and creating skits to help educate people on mental health. With her first book Dope Therapy she is changing the therapy game by giving honest and authentic advice in getting the most out of therapy.