Caitlin Jenco

Creator Coach & Monetization Mentor

Luxuriant Social Co

Gain a Community, NOT just a Following!

The biggest disconnect with aspiring creators and influencers is thinking that they need an insanely high follower count to make a full-time income in the industry. People get so caught up in the vanity metrics that they fail to create a community which in turn creates a struggle to build reliable income. In this session, you will learn how to create virality through impact that will grow your community and open up the possibility of being full-time in the industry. You will learn viral strategies that position you as a thought leader in the space and learn to understand why this shift in mindset will be what makes or breaks your career!

1. Create virality through impact
2. How to build a community that converts
3. Why brands pass on creators with 100k+ followings for those much smaller
4. Gain a success mindset around content creation & purpose


Caitlin is a content creator coach and monetization mentor that has made it her full-time career to coach aspiring creators on how to create virality that translates into income! She has 112,300 followers (subject to change) on Tiktok where she talks about Tiktok strategy, the influencing industry and all things monetization. She has coached over 75 creators (subject to change), spoken on multiple podcasts and been quoted in Bloomberg as a result of her own success on the platform!