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How do you capture the attention of consumers in a big jungle of content posted daily? Geeohsnap talks about the importance of producing creative and fast content to capture consumers attention. If you have a large following like Geeohsnap in Snapchat it provides many new exciting collaborations. How should one collaborate with creators and Influencers to achieve the best results? What is the true power of good storytelling? Why would you spend your valued time consuming content from a brand, when there are thousands of other brands out there posting exactly the same type of content? Look forward to an truly inspiring, creative and colorful talk with one of the most popular creators inSnapchat.

Become more creative with your content.

Learn how to build those good stories that capture your audience attention. Work smarter with creators and Influencers.


Geeohsnap is a Content Creator and Storyteller from Norway who got world fame through a project he created in Snapchat.

In 2014 Geeohsnap created The Random People Project. A project where he make digital doodles on random people in the streets. A month after he created this project it went viral all over the world. This have led to work with many of the biggest brands in the world. Big brands such as Samsung, Walt Disney, Gucci, Starbucks, Red Bull, Nike, Hyundai and many more.

In the later years Geeohsnap have been given two shows by Snapchat to show what he does best. Beeing creative and building a bigger audience.