Molly Tracy

CEO & Founder


How to be a standout partner to brands

This will be a session focused around best practices for working with brands. How to pitch a brand, how to overdeliver on expectations and how to rebook long-term partnerships.


  1. How to get on a brand’s radar
  2. How to write a standout pitch
  3. Best practices for pulling together a killer campaign wrap up report
  4. How to snag a long-term partnership


I am the founder and CEO of VRAI, an influencer marketing and talent management agency. We’re a creative force of influencer matchmakers and talent builders obsessed with expanding the digital footprint of our brand partners. I work with female-founded startups on strategic influencer marketing integrations that drive awareness, brand affinity and ROI. Likewise, our roster of talent is filled with multicultural female content creators in the motherhood, wellness and lifestyle space. Our team is responsible for helping them navigate the business side of the multi-media landscape, advising on growth strategy and securing brand partnerships to expand their portfolio.