Courtney Presto


Presto Social Inc

How to Monetize Your Social Media Presence

Practical advice that you can immediately use to monetize your online presence, even if you only have


I’ll give you strategies to:

– Approach and negotiate with brands

– Prepare materials about your audience (reach/engagement metrics, rate sheets) etc.

– Create compelling branded content

…and more!


– What do brands look for in an influencer partner?

– How can you make yourself look attractive to brands?

– How should you approach brands for partnerships?

– What materials should you have prepared?

– How can you monetize your content off of the Instagram/YouTube platform?

– How can you cultivate an audience of followers who will respond well to branded partnerships?


Courtney Presto started her career as a content creator 4 years ago and quickly realized how difficult it is to monetize digital content.  So, she founded Presto Social – the first company that EXCLUSIVELY monetizes creators with less than 50k followers.

Presto Social is dedicated to getting creators PAID for their work, even if they only have 10 followers. Thousands of creators use Presto as a platform to leverage their existing audience to make substantial income as professional creators.

Additionally Presto Social has engaged in hundreds of influencer-partnerships with Instagram & Youtube creators to advertise the platform. Courtney is well equipped to discuss why they were so successful, and how she crafts the perfect branded-partnerships.

She is an expert on creator monetization, and is excited to share her research, data, and tips!