Paul Bakaus

Head of Creators


Keep calm and diversify your income

The key to long-term creator success is to go beyond ads and brand deals and diversify your income by monetizing your fanbase. Follow Paul, Head of Creators @ Koji, on a journey about the difference between audiences and fans, the 1000 true fans strategy implemented, and dozens of ideas on how *you* can monetize yours.


– how to convert your audience to fans

– the difference of active vs. passive income

– how to harden your strategy during a recession

– the 1000 true fans strategy and why it matters

– monetization strategies for various niches

– how to make money directly from your link-in-bio


Paul Bakaus is the Head of Creators at Koji, the world’s most powerful link-in-bio. Before Koji, Paul spent 8 years at Google and was their Head of Creator Relations, pioneering the Google for Creators outreach program. Prior to his deep dive into the creator economy, he enjoyed disrupting the web and introducing new technology, like by creating the worlds’ most popular way to build web user interfaces (jQuery UI) or the first graphical game engine for the web (Aves Engine). Paul’s mission is to antigatekeep everything, and help everyone succeed.