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KCM Connect

Know Your Worth: How To Negotiate Brand Deals

What are the best power tactics in a negotiation? At its core, influencer marketing involves a brand collaboration with a social media influencer to market a product or service. Of course, this transaction consists of an exchange of currency, which should mirror the impact of your work and the following of your network. Brands aren’t always going to reach out and offer you piles of money for your influence.

More often than not, you will need to create a dialogue with brands yourself. In this panel Kristina McInnis will share some of the most important and valuable insights how to approach brands and negotiate the best possible deals. Know Your Worth!


– How to negotiate brand deals as an influencer / Micro-Influencer

– How to approach a brand

– the factors that affect the value of your following

– How to make every collaboration a success


Kristina is an Influencer, blogger, founder of KCM Connect, a digital social media agency and host of the podcast THE BOTTLED BLONDE.

KCMCONNECT was a by-product of a successful influencer career. After several years building her personal brand, Kristina McInnis saw an opportunity to better brands with her tried-and-true tactics and strategies. The result? A full-service creative agency with a growing team of experts in the field.

Previous guests on The Bottled Blonde include Mary Fitzgerald – Selling Sunset (1.3m followers), Amanda Stanton (1.1M followers), Sophia Hutchins (210K followers), Katie Austin (315K followers), Jaci Marie (387K followers) and Celebrity investor Josh Landan.