Rebecca Givens

Digital Consultant

RaRa Media

Level Up & Level Down

Obsessing over followers, sticking to one platform and working all the hours that God sends – sounds like your average influencer. Also sounds like a recipe for boredom and burnout. 
One of the biggest challenges for aspiring creators and influencers is finding balance and setting work-life boundaries whilst understanding the need for brilliant strategising. 

Digital consultant Rebecca Givens from RaRa Media shares some of the key components of an effective content-creation strategy. One that allows you to do less, say no and receive more in return.

Stop, step off the treadmill and ask yourself, how can you level down your input, whilst also leveling up your impact?


Understanding of what strategy work is and why it is important for your brand.

How to nurture confidence, wisdom and professionalism.

Overview of where social media and digital technology is headed in the future and how you can prepare for this.

How to diversify and encourage income generation.

Understanding of how to effectively manage boundaries, maintain priorities and essentially work less hours.


Award-winning writer Rebecca Givens has worked in the events industry for 15 years as a digital consultant and content creator. Today she encourages brands and individuals to level up their strategy work by changing the way they think about the world of digital.