Vinod Varma

Founder & CEO

NFTs and Creator Coins for Influencers

We know web3 is the future, but we’re not all sure exactly how we’re going to be leverage it yet as aspiring Creators. This session will provide tangible takeaways and use cases for Creators to help leverage NFTs and tokens in order to help them grow fandom, engagement, and of course increase revenue. Attendee Takeaways


– what is web3 and how do NFTs and tokens work

– how to create (mint) your own NFT

– easy utility cases for your NFT

– more surprises!


Vinod Varma is the founder and CEO of, a top 5 globally recognized influencer marketing platform that pushes the boundaries on how creators and brands collaborate, grow and earn.

He is also a contributor at Entrepreneur Magazine, serves on the advisory board of The Influencer Academy, and as a business mentor for League of Innovators.