Shannon Montgomery


Creedon PLLC

Social Media The Legal Way

Join this discussion of the legal dos and don’t s of social media. Build your business and brand with a strong legal foundation as well as protecting your content through copyright and trademark registrations. 


Find direction to go in when it comes to actually establishing yourself as a legal business.

Learn how to monetize and protect your content.

Understand of the actual dues and don’ts of utilizing social media. It really isn’t a free-for-all; understand why that is and how you can prevent being the victim of social media issues and perpetrating those issues.


Shannon took her first major role as an associate attorney with a firm in West Palm Beach, Florida where she had the privilege to act as Managing Counsel for one of the largest mortgage servicing companies in the country. But what you see is not only what you get with Shannon. She is a competitive powerlifter and bodybuilder with a fierce passion for health and fitness. In her practice, Shannon has had the honor of helping various social media influencer’s understand vendor contracts and sponsorship agreements. She has provided insight to fitness brands and creative companies on how to ensure their brands are legally protected, and regularly provides counsel on FDA labeling requirements as well as other compliance issues in the fitness and nutrition industries. Shannon enjoys speaking at workshops to help budding entrepreneurs get their businesses up and running the legal way. She even has an Instagram presence, allowing her to understand what content creation is all about.