Kaya Marriott

Content Creator
ComfyGirlCurls || Creating With Kaya

Telling Your Story Across Multiple Platforms

There are now more social and creative platforms than ever before, and it can often feel impossible to maintain a presence on all of them at once.

So should we even bother trying? Which platforms are worth our time? Can we create content for multiple platforms without burning out?

In this session, we will cover the importance of expanding your online presence, choosing the right platforms for your message, and how you can tell your story more efficiently across different mediums.


– How to communicate one story across multiple platforms.
– The benefits and obstacles of today’s most popular platforms.
– The unique user intent and expectations on each platform.
– How to leverage different platforms to diversify your income.


Kaya Marriott is a Vancouver-based creator with a deep love for community and storytelling.

She began blogging in 2016 to document her natural hair journey and help others navigate caring for their curls. Her platform has since expanded to share lifestyle content, beauty tips and practical advice for fellow creators.

Maintaining a diversified online presence has seen her partner with Google for Creators, become a founding member of Pinterest Canada’s 2021 Creator Class, and work with world-renowned brands like Olay, COVERGIRL, and TRESemmé, all as a micro-influencer.